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Add Some Privacy to Your Backyard

Add Some Privacy to Your Backyard

Schedule a fence installation in West Farmington, Southington & Aurora, OH

Adding a fence to your backyard can help keep your kids safe and give you more privacy. MB Woodworking offers dependable fence repair and installation services in West Farmington, Southington & Aurora, OH. Our team can install a traditional or custom fence at your home. We can also install railings on your front or back porch to add an aesthetic element to your existing deck.

To schedule a fence installation appointment, speak with one of our team members today.

Ask about our railing installation services

Alongside our fence installation and fence repair work, we offer competitively priced railing installation services. There are a wide variety of railing styles that you can add to your existing porch. Our team can install:

  • Chippendale railings
  • Rustic railings
  • Vinyl railings
  • Craftsman railings
  • Sawn baluster railings
  • Turned baluster railings
  • Sunburst/fan railings
  • Rope railings


No matter what railing style and type you want, our team can take on your installation with ease. We can also repair your deck, if needed. Call 330-808-5122 now to speak with a team member about your decking needs.